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The Product

Detailed Transcription

Verbatim Transcription includes word-for-word transcription with light editing, delivering detailed yet easy-to-read transcripts.

Every word captured

Every word on the recording is transcribed as is so that you know exactly what is said.

No paraphrasing

Grammar & sentence structure are left unchanged for accurate interpretation.


Fillers like um, uh, you know, okay, etc. that break the flow of reading are removed from the text.


Irrelevant false starts and repetitions are removed from the text to keep the transcripts crisp.

Clean and Accurate

A comparison between Intelligent Verbatim, Verbatim, and True Verbatim transcription


Intelligent Verbatim Verbatim True Verbatim
“Mom and dad were the figures who had to draw the line and do discipline in their lives. I was the fun guy, they came to me when everything else had failed and they wanted to have a good time.” “Mom and dad were the figures who had to draw line and do discipline in their life. I was the fun guy, they came to me when everything else had failed and they want to have good time.” “Mom and dad  were the figures who never allowed– who had to uhm…draw line and do discipline in their life. I was the fun guy [laughs], they came to me when everything else had failed and they want to have good time.”


Everything you need

Carefully designed to include services that complement research work.

Speaker Identification

Identification of speakers in transcripts by name or generic identifiers like “Interviewee:” or “Participant”.

Time Coding

Complimentary time codes every 3 minutes in the transcripts. Extra time coding available on request.


Transcription of recordings with speakers who have strong accents (such as Korean, Indian, Spanish, etc.)

Multiple Languages

Transcription of recordings by native speakers in 36+ languages.


Direct transcription from audio/video recordings into a different language. For e.g. transcription of French interviews to English.

Technical Content

Accurate transcription of financial, medical, software-related, and other technical recordings using online and offline research methods.

Multiple Speakers

Transcription of recordings with multiple speakers such as focus groups and seminars.

2-7 Day Delivery

Delivery of transcripts within 2-7 business days (for up to 10 hours of audio).

Customer Testimonials.

I would recommend IndianScribes for any transcription job. The company is fast, efficient, professional and an amazing value!

Mike Dolpies

Ocean View Publishing, LLC

I can’t say enough good things about IndianScribes. My work was delivered exactly as I asked for it, 3 days before our agreed on delivery date .

Paul Keetch

Marketing Adviser

IndianScribes provided the most outstanding service when I was under pressure to get transcription done at short notice.

Avril Millar

Business Adviser

What impressed us most at this side was their efficiency in meeting the deadline and their courtesy and patience in dealing with us! They were absolutely professional throughout.

Tony Coogan

IndianScribes Customer

Simple pricing.


Minimum Accuracy 95%

Delivery in 5-7 Business Days


Per audio minute


Minimum Accuracy 98%

Delivery in 2-3 Business Days


Per audio minute

Which file formats do you accept?

All digital file formats are accepted. MP3, MP4, and WMV work best. We also work directly from online recordings (like Youtube videos and podcasts).

Do you offer volume discounts?

Volume discounts are available on 10+ hours of recording. Please request a quote for exact pricing and discounts for your project.

Who will transcribe my recordings?

IndianScribes has a worldwide network of transcriptionists. Your files will be transcribed by a native speaker of the primary accent used on your files.

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