A time code is an editing tool used to quickly locate words on a recording corresponding to its transcript. For example,


The time code is generally in the format [hh:mm:ss] and is inserted periodically in the transcript depending on user specifications.

Sounds easy, yet if you’ve ever transcribed, you know how tedious it can be to stop the flow of typing to insert those innocent looking numbers multiple times in a transcript. Well, here’s a short cut for the Express Scribe users amongst you:

How to set up a short-cut key for time codes on Express Scribe


1. Open Express Scribe and click on OPTIONS > System-Wide Hot-Keys





2. The OPTIONS window opens.

The Click on the ADD button at the bottom of this window.


3. The ADD NEW HOT-KEY window opens.

From the COMMAND drop-down, choose COPY TIME, then click on CHANGE.










4. The PRESS KEY window opens.

Press the function key that you’d like to use for time codes (usually F1, F11 and F12 are free on Express Scribe).







5. The ADD NEW HOT-KEY window re-appears.

Click on OK to complete the procedure.










6. To use the new hot key, for example F12, go to your document and with Express Scribe still open, press F12 + CTRL V (i.e. paste).




You’ll have to add the [brackets] manually if needed.

That’s it, hope this simplifies time-coding for you. Do post a comment if you find this helpful or of if you have a question.

Happy Transcribing!

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