3 Ways to Send Files for Transcription

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Wondering how you can send your files for transcription? In this post we’ll tell you 3 easy ways you can do it quickly and securely. But first let’s look at a few things to do before sending the files.

Things to do before sending files for transcription

1. Remove dead air and small talk

As you know, you pay for transcription services based on the length of a recording. For example, if you upload a 70-minute interview under the standard plan, you’ll pay 70 x $1.00 = $70.00. But it often turns out that of the 70 minutes, approximately 5-10 minutes is just silence or the speakers greeting each other or the host checking sound quality, etc. However, you still end up paying for the full file.

This may not matter much for a single file, but the minutes can add up quickly when you have a large batch of recordings to be transcribed. Therefore, it’s advisable that you listen to your recordings before uploading them and edit out any irrelevant parts using an audio editor like Audacity or WavePad.

2. Reduce file size

If you plan to upload your recordings to a file sharing service like Dropbox or Send This File, you would probably need to think about file size, because the larger your files, the more space you would need to buy. Large files also consume more data in the process of upload/download.

Transcriptionists don’t necessary need the highest quality files to transcribe them accurately (as long as they are clearly recorded). So you can easily convert the files to MP3 or FLV/MP4 format using an audio file conversion tool before uploading them.

3. Note the length of recordings you uploaded

This one is a no-brainer but we’d like to mention it anyway because it’s so important. Keeping a simple list of the names and lengths of the recordings you send for transcription will go a long way in helping you track transcripts and also check the accuracy of invoices etc..

Now let’s look at some easy ways you can send recordings for transcription.

3 Ways to send your files for transcription

1. Upload Files

The easiest option is to signup and use the secure drop box on the website. It’s free and you can upload any number of files. You can also send links to your files using this option.

If you don’t have an account with us, you can still upload files here.

2. Share a Dropbox folder

If you use our services regularly, consider setting up a shared Dropbox folder. Here are the advantages:

  1. Faster uploads: You don’t have to login to your IndianScribes account to upload files. Upload recordings directly from your desktop.
  2. No additional instructions needed: We will transcribe the files using your standing instructions and drop you a line that we’ve started work. (You can set up standing instructions when you signup for an account with us).
  3. No emails: Transcripts will be uploaded directly to the shared folder.
  4. Easier file transfers: If an upload is interrupted, Drobox resumes uploading whenever you restart your system.

You can Get Dropbox Here.  Share your folder with files@indianscribes.com.

3. Send files by Email

If you don’t use Dropbox, you can send downloadable links from any file sharing service directly to files@indianscribes.com.

Do you know of other great file sharing services? Do leave a comment so other users can benefit from your knowledge!

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