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I have been using IndianScribes for more than 7 years and am very pleased with their work. Their transcribers have been able to work with all kinds of audio quality and accents and their fees are reasonable.

Catherine Raymond

Ph.D., Raymond Consulting


Budget: $0.85/audio min

Standard: $1.00/audio min

Premium: $2.50/audio min

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Verbatim: Word-for-word transcripts without the ums, uhs, etc.

Intelligent Verbatim: Clean transcripts with all grammatical errors and fillers edited out.

True Verbatim: Detailed transcripts including fillers and non-verbal communication.


Transcripts of up to 5 hours of recording are delivered within 2-5 business days depending on your plan.

For longer recordings the exact turnaround time is provided before we begin work, so that you always know when to expect delivery.

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