How to Find an Interpreter for a Research Interview

Apr 3, 2012 | Qualitative Research | 0 comments

Whether you are a research student or a PhD scholar scheduled for a research interview,  finding quality interpreters is the key to your success at the interview. If your interview is scheduled at short notice and you do not have the time to wait for reputed or experienced interpreters then your risks of success at the interview truly doubles.

Here are some quick and effective methods to choose an effective interpreter for interviews.

State Commissions

The first place to begin your search is the State Commissions, with whom professional interpreters register immediately after earning their certification. Most states across the country maintain exhaustive certified interpreter’s lists and these are very useful sources. Alternatively, independent living centres, across the state could offer referral programs.

Local vocational training centers

Every local vocational training centre offering interpretation courses or translation courses could well support a database of students trained and certified from their centres. This will not only ensure you get qualified and trained interpreters, you can also find testimonials or recommendations from other research students/ PhD holders who have used the interpreters services.

Professional Interpreter organizations

Most professional interpreters register with trade bodies such as the national interpreter associations, state chapters of professional interpreters and even local community service providers.  Contacting the local interpreter organization should help in locating such professionals to help you coast through your interview.

Directories-Yellow Pages, Craiglist, Quikr

Of great help are the ranges of directory /classified services that provide substantial help in locating professional interpreters.

Online service providers

Google Places, and most social media today are the best and the most convenient format to locate local interpretation services. You will only have to select the category of interpreter you require for the interview and results will show location-based service providers.

You will have to use online search engines optimally to estimate the professional charges or rates on an hourly basis or a project-basis and use it leverage the best rates while hiring the interpreters.

Some tips to ensure you find the best interpreters

There are some ground rules you will have to follow, while trying to find the best interpreter for your interview. If it is a fresher you choose for interpreting during your research interview, the costs will be reasonable, however it would lack in professional finesse. On the other hand, professional interpreters provide consecutive interpretation and are ideal for student interviews.

However, you will have to determine the quality standards you want of the interpreter and hence hire accordingly. There are some professional interpreters who will expect to be paid in advance for their services and could sometimes have technical requirements such as seating or lighting and you will have to arrange for such requests.

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