What is verbatim transcription?

Verbatim Transcription

Simply put, verbatim transcription is typing out every word and sound on a recording.

It requires a keen ear, attention to detail, and a LOT more time than other styles of transcription. There two types of verbatim transcription:

1. True Verbatim

2. Verbatim

True Verbatim

In this style the transcriptionist captures not just the words but also the sounds as well as any non-verbal communication on the recording, such as laughter, pauses, etc.

For e.g.,

Interviewer: Did you ever correspond with him at the time?

Interviewee: [Silence] No… er… I don’t recall that. I think.. um… I think I have some letters from him in my file though…[Pause] which came some months…years later.

There is NO editing involved and everything is typed out just as it is on the recording.

True Verbatim is ideal for research transcription, PhD interviews, market research interviews, movie scripts, B-roll transcription, and other projects where HOW something is said is equally important as WHAT’s being said.


This style involves transcription followed by light editing. The transcriptionist still captures every word said on the recording but edits out parts like  fillers (ums, ahs, ers, etc.), ambient sounds and non-verbal communication.

For e.g.,

Interviewer: Did you ever correspond with him at the time?

Interviewee: No, I don’t recall that. I think I have some letters from him in my file though…which came some months…years later.

Intelligent verbatim is generally preferred by authors, journalists, bloggers and others who need to know exactly what was said on a recording but don’t necessarily need the extreme detail of true verbatim transcription.

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