Microsoft is offering Windows Embedded Automotive 7 to selected few car makers and suppliers in the automotive industry.

This new platform has been designed to support the development of new infotainment systems, and Microsoft claims it provides integrated services for communication, entertainment, navigation and information for the mass market.

Thanks to new Windows Embedded Automotive 7, both car makers and suppliers can quickly access Microsoft’s latest tools and technology, as well as a worldwide partner ecosystem.

This access will allow car makers and suppliers to quickly create in-vehicle experiences that are easier to use and more engaging for drivers and passengers. Microsoft notes that it has included many features in the new platform including speech commands, touch input, hands-free Bluetooth phone communications, advanced dashboard systems for access to music, maps, third-party apps and navigation, and streamlined connectivity with other devices.

“Consumers are increasingly demanding access to new multimedia content, productivity solutions, and connected services for entertainment and communication from their in-vehicle system, similar to what they expect from their other devices,” said Thilo Koslowski, vice president in the Industry Advisory Service Manufacturing group at Gartner Inc. “To build and deploy compelling in-vehicle infotainment system, experienced technology partners, car makers and suppliers must come together. The result of these collaborations turns the automobile into a seamless extension of the digital lifestyle.”

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