Audience has expanded its family of intelligent voice processors for mobile phones with the A1028 chip.

The new A1028 voice processor includes the company’s EarSmart technology, which the company claims, can replicate the functions of human hearing. In addition to enhancing sound quality and suppressing noise, the A1028 voice processor offers processing capabilities that improve mobile speech recognition performance in noisy environments.

Audience’s EarSmart technology has been designed to imitate the complex processing that occurs from the inner ear to the brain. According to the company, EarSmart technology has the ability to distinguish and interpret sounds as people do naturally.

The A1028 system-on-chip processor can suppress noise interference for speech recognition applications to improve accuracy and performance.

“With the introduction of the A1028 processor, Audience is again advancing its leadership in auditory technology, and applying our voice processing expertise to improve the experience for mobile customers,” said Peter Santos, president and chief executive officer, Audience.  “We’re continuing to innovate ways to support speech recognition services, while also bringing noise suppression and voice enhancement to other important modes on mobile handsets.  The new capabilities offered by the A1028, demonstrate our commitment to provide the world’s most intelligent voice processors to improve products that benefit our everyday lives.”

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