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Transcription Styles

Verbatim Transcription 

Our most popular transcription style that includes word-for-word transcription with light editing, delivering detailed yet easy-to-read transcripts.

I was the fun guy, they come to me… when everything else failed and they want to have good time.

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  • Every word on the recording is transcribed.
  • Grammar & sentence structure are left unchanged.
  • Fillers like um, uh, you know, okay, etc. are removed.
  • False starts (incomplete sentences) are removed.
  • Repetitions are removed.

Intelligent Verbatim Transcription 

The go-to style for those who need perfectly edited, ready-to-print transcripts for business.

I was the fun guy, they came to me when everything else failed and they wanted to have good time.

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  • Fillers like um, uh, you know, okay, etc. are removed.
  • False starts (incomplete sentences) & repetitions are removed.
  • Grammatical errors are corrected.
  • Sentence structure is imporved with paraphrasing where needed.

True Verbatim Transcription 

The most detailed transcription style which includes everything on the recording with zero editing.

I was the fun guy [laughs], they decided to…they come to me when everything else failed and they want to uh have good time.

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  • Fillers like um, uh, you know, okay, etc. are included.
  • False starts (incomplete sentences) and relevant repetitions are included.
  • Grammatical errors and incorrect sentence-structure are left unchanged.
  • Non-verbal communication like [laughter] and [pauses] is included.

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Transcription is a time-consuming process and it’s hard to predict exactly how long transcribing a recording will take. Therefore, it’s not surprising that delayed deliveries are fairly common in the industry.
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Whatever your reasons, it’s important to know that transcription is a time-consuming task and having some basic knowledge and tools will go a long way in making the process easier.

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